Your questions answered

Where do you pitch my company?
We match your verticals (e.g. Fashion, Tech, Design) with the corresponding publications, outlets and blogs. To achieve the best chance of coverage, we send our custom-created pitch to aour AI-build tailored target list.
How many pitches do you send?
Generally we send out anywhere from 500-1000 pitches per outreach. We always try and match as many as possible, and send out to as many publications/blogs/journalists as possible.
How long does it take?
Submissions take 3-5 working days, with extra time after to achieve results from the publications/blogs (they need time to write up and schedule posts to get published).
Will I always get results?
Results are never guaranteed. Some sites will automatically list projects/news, while others will require a strong product/story/campaign to cover. We do the outreaches with proof of submission, so end results are based upon the product strength.